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After approval by the student's committee and graduate coordinator, the thesis topic must be filed with the student’s department and the petition of topic approval submitted to the Graduate College.A preliminary draft of the completed thesis (defined as a manuscript that answers the stated problem) should be submitted to the thesis committee by the time a student files the application for graduation.

ETDs consume virtually no library shelf space, never collect dust, and are available to anyone browsing the World Wide Web.

Students were required to submit an electronic version of their paper beginning in September 2009.

The results of the final examination (e.g., dissertation defense) for the doctoral degree must be received in the Graduate College by the published deadlines each semester.

The Graduate College expects that the official University copy of the submitted manuscript will be error-free and ready for publication on Ohio LINK.

An ETD is an electronic thesis or dissertation document.

The document is similar to its paper predecessor, but differs in that ETDs may incorporate multimedia elements, enabling graduate students to more effectively and creatively present their research.The final draft of the thesis (defined as the thesis manuscript with content embodying all corrections requested by the committee) should be submitted to the thesis committee sufficiently prior to the date set for the final examination to allow for a rigorous and careful reading of the manuscript by the committee.Doctoral students must submit a request for dissertation topic approval to the Graduate College on the Thesis/Dissertation Topic Approval form.Graduate students must utilize the traditional format for theses and dissertations established in the Thesis/Dissertation Handbook (T/D Handbook).PDF “Because I Care I risk”: How CEO Free Market Orientation Affects the Extent and Type of Income Smoothing, Mirzokhidjon S.Committee members attest to acceptability when they sign the ETD Approval Form.Therefore, it is important that they be provided with a view of the thesis or dissertation before the student's defense.Academics Overview Program Listing 90-Second Lectures Academic Calendar College of Arts and Sciences School of Business Administration School of Education and Health Sciences School of Engineering School of Law Professional and Continuing Education Intensive English Program University Libraries Many UD theses and dissertations have been digitized and are now freely available in UD's open-access institutional repository, e Commons.Those whose authors have restricted online access are available in the University of Dayton Libraries.Abdurakhmonov PDF Climate Change Governance and the Politics of Scale: Evaluating Local Climate Protection Policies and Practices in the United States and Germany, Ayure-Inga Mark Anthony Agana PDF Impact of Excitation-Inhibition Balance/Imbalance on Dynamics of Cortical Neural Networks, Vidit Agrawal PDF Using Peripheral Venous Pressure Waveforms to Predict Key Hemodynamic Parameters, Ali Zohair A Al Alawi PDF Representations of Domestic Workers in Modern Arabic Fiction, Samaher Aldhamen PDF Optimization of the Light Environment for Broiler Chickens, Douglas J.Aldridge PDF Shadows of Indignant Birds, Hannah Susanne Allen PDF Spatial Reorganization of Histone-like Nucleoid Structuring Proteins Caused by Silver Nanoparticles, Meaad Alqahtany PDF H2 Control for Improved Stability of Multi-area Electric Power System with High Levels of Inverter-Based Generation, Muthanna Abdulkareem Al-Sarray PDF Comparison of Physical Intensity between Interactive Video Game Cycling and Conventional Stationary Cycling in Adolescents with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, Tariq Mohammed Alsoqairan PDF Positioning of English Language Learners and its Power on Classroom Learning Opportunities and Interactions, Hawraa Nafea Hameed Alzouwain PDF Emerging Adult Career Pathways: Understanding Aspirations and Switching, Tasmiah Amreen PDF Landuse and Soil Property Effects on Infiltration and Soil Aggregate Stability in the Lower Mississippi River Valley, Rebecca Lynn Anderson PDF An Intimate Portrayal of Madame Armfeldt In A Little Night Music, Mollie Armour PDF Childhood Dreams and Adult Laughs Lighting Design of Avenue Q, Eric Armstrong PDF The Effect of a Training Clinic on the Self-Efficacy of Counselors in Training, Jihene Ayadi PDF Factors Influencing the Spatial Distribution of Southern rust in Corn, Justin Bailey PDF Feeling Clumsy, Feeling Alien: Gender and Affect in Victorian Sensation Fiction, Gracie Mae Bain PDF Auto-Calibration of WIM Using Traffic Stream Characteristics, Johnson Baker PDF Baptizing Shakespeare, Na'Tosha De'Von Barron PDF Validity and Reliability of a 5-minute Web-Camera Based Eye Tracking Test to Assess Visual Memory and Cognition, Emily Bates PDF Effect of Consistent Singing on Maintenance of Speech Intelligibility Following LSVT®: A Retrospective Longitudinal Case Study, Rachel Ricca Beck PDF Development and Evaluation of Selected Chemoprophylaxis Candidates and a Candidate Live-Attenuated Vaccine for Prevention of Histomoniasis in Turkeys, Lesleigh Beer PDF Self-Assembled Nanoantenna Enhance Optical Activity and Transport in Scalable Thin Films and Interfaces, Keith Richard Berry Jr.


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