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The survey conducted in this research did not, for the most part, yield statistically significant results.

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State highway agencies must consider several challenges when deploying this research.

Challenging the status quo and creating a cultural change requires leadership and mentoring to ensure that alternative QMSs are thoughtfully applied.

This research has provided guidance through the following accomplishments: • Documentation of practices as found in quality management literature, surveys and case studies; • Analysis of the benefits and challenges of the alternative QMS through rigorous and scientific case study means; • Identification and definition of five fundamental QAOs for highway design and construction projects; • Identification and definition of ten factors influencing the selection of a QAO for highway design and construction projects; • Development of a selection model for matching these systems to alternative project delivery methods; • Increasing industry understanding of the impacts that alternative QAOs have on highway design and construction projects; and • Providing agencies with a roadmap of changes to the baseline QMS to accommodate alternative delivery methods.

The research defines the roles and responsibilities of all project stakeholders (agency, contractor, designer and consultants) in a clear and understandable manner.

Continued advancement will take a willingness of STAs to implement alternative QMSs and measure their effectiveness.

It has taken decades to establish the baseline QMS.CHAPTER 6: CONCLUSIONS, LIMITATIONS and FUTURE RESEARCH 6.1 Conclusions Quality management systems in the United States transportation industry are evolving.Innovations in QAOs and other features of quality programs are being used by STAs across the country on projects with both traditional DBB delivery and alternative delivery methods.JLC tutors see each student as a holistic learner, paying attention to the importance of cognition as well as to the emotional aspects of learning.Academic Support Services include 1-on-1 tutoring with Professional and Peer tutors; group study sessions for particular courses by Classroom Learning Assistants (CLAs); monthly workshops on specific academic and life skills; specialized Learning Labs in math, critical reading and writing, accounting, and math; and online writing support (OWL).With this information, an 137 agency can better anticipate the consequences of using a particular QAO on the management of a highway project.6.2 Challenges to Implementation The research team believes that the guidance in this research will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of overall project delivery and the end product.However, these alternative quality management systems are being applied on a project-by- project basis due to the lack of national guidance to promote standard approaches.For highway agencies, this lack of guidance is resulting in significant investment to develop individual programs and minimizing the ability to capture and utilize knowledge across agencies.While there is historical data pertaining to material specifications and material quality in every SHA, there is a lack of data and consistent measures of quality assurance organizations within the industry.It can be speculated that the reason for this is the industry focus on “how to implement alternative quality systems” at this point, rather than evaluating the effectiveness of quality assurance organizations.


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