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At the beginning of the French and Indian War in 1754, additional colonies attended the Albany Congress for the purpose of forming a unified defense strategy against the French and Indians.The colonists learned an important lesson from this experience, and began to instinctively rely on the power of unions any time their rights were abused during the pre-Revolutionary era.

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Thus, the power vested in Congress allowed it to operate with moderate control over the states.

Another successful point was in the allowance of equal votes in Congress for each state and the decree that most decisions be decided by majority vote.

However, through these articles, the United States government lacked a sufficient system of taxation.

Under the Articles of Confederation the Congress had no power to tax the states, instead it depended on donations by the states.

Sovereignty, they claimed, belonged close to the people in the hands of state governments, not in a strong central government.

Conservatives, on the other hand, viewed the Revolution as an opportunity to remove control from a foreign elite and place it solidly in the hands of a centralized government in America.The Articles were submitted to the states for ratification in the midst of war with Great Britain.Most Americans greatly feared the possibility that their new American government would be as strong and as destructive to individual rights as the British one, and that the war would thus have been fought in vain.Recognizing that a union would help the colonists to defend themselves against the threat of Indian attacks and French invasion, this confederation established the idea that unified strength was an effective power on the North American continent.As the governments of the colonies evolved and established more power, they continued to rely on unions for mutual defense.Without an executive branch the country lacked a clear, decisive leader.The Congress had no power to lay and collect taxes, nor did it possess the power to enforce its laws, making it virtually dependent on the states.Although, some states opposed a radical change in governmental form , it was inevitable by 1787.The Articles of Confederation provided effective management of expansion for the United States.The governing body that eventually created the Articles of Confederation was based on this tradition of defensive unions, but was formed in a time of peace—not actually preparing for war.However, the Second Continental Congress, originally formed for the purpose of mutual defense of the thirteen colonies, suddenly found itself in 1776 waging a full-scale war and governing a nation.


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