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_________Asking students to question the status quo in the world of sports doesn’t only help them strengthen their argument writing and speaking skills, but it can also strengthen their creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Propose a New Sport for the Olympics We have all played or watched sports. What is the difference between a sport and a hobby? Students can begin their research with the following examples: Are Video Games Olympic Material?

And if so, would they be in the same class as Le Bron James? Don’t answer too quickly; chess is recognized as a sport in 107 countries. An essential aspect of making an effective argument is the need to be clear and precise in defining terms. (See the full list of sports here.) Did you know life saving is officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a sport (though, as Victor Mather writes, “that doesn’t mean it will take its place in the Summer Games alongside venerable sports like track, basketball and synchronized swimming”).

Why Kaepernick Takes the Knee This Time, Colin Kaepernick Takes a Stand by Kneeling The Awakening of Colin Kaepernick The Deafening Silence of Colin Kaepernick Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Campaign Keeps N. Protest Started by Colin Kaepernick Spreads to High School Students High School Students Explain Why They Protest Anthems and Pledges High Schools Threaten to Punish Students Who Kneel During Anthem High School Students Kicked Off Football Team After Protesting During National Anthem Resolution 4: Athletes who are politically active are a distraction to their teams and should stick to competing in their sport. In his Room for Debate opinion essay “Drop the Sliding Sports,” Robert K.

L.’s New National Anthem Policy Dolphins Policy Says Players Could Be Suspended for Anthem Protests Resolution 2: Colin Kaepernick is a hero. Anthem Kneeling in Spotlight Resolution 3: Schools have the right to suspend student-athletes who protest during their games. In making their case, students should compare the sports they are proposing to existing Olympic sports, and provide criteria for assessing those comparisons.

…But if “greatest” means the player who would have beaten all the rest at their peaks, it is hard not to feel a strong pull in Williams’s direction. Research generally begins with asking good questions. Two hundred million hearts in Brazil can beat again. That at least contained more skills than the single shot of a nervous, fatigued individual.

Her power serving and her serving under pressure are weapons that no other great player has possessed to the same degree. Athletes: The Definitive List | Babe Didrikson, the Greatest Female Athlete of All Time? Even a topic as seemingly straight forward as sports-related concussions has many layers of complexity. Chile can go home across the Andes, defeated not by two hours of soccer, but by the lottery of shootouts that have their proper place alongside fairground games such as knocking over targets at a dozen paces. No matter what rule they focus on, students should be clear to state the problem with the status quo and support their claim with details. T., it is a perennial favorite argument for sports fans and is debated regularly in The New York Times. Or should the Greatest of All Time focus solely on the numbers? Next, they should define their criteria for greatness: Does greatest mean the player you want to be up at bat in the seventh game of the World Series, two outs in the bottom of the ninth? The athlete’s impact within, as well as beyond, the sport? In 2018, the entire Russian Winter Olympic team was barred from competing for doping violations. Are there any aspects of either article that seem weak? For example, “DO: support your ideas with relevant statistics.” Or, “DON’T: assume your reader will agree with your viewpoint.”For students researching this topic, here are just a few of the many related resources in The Times and elsewhere: Should Doping Be Allowed? How basketball is played can vary greatly from state to state. Would it be more fair to incorporate broader cultural accomplishments? debate they would like to tackle: greatest play, season, game, coach, athlete, et cetera. Some of sports’ most celebrated athletes have been caught using PEDs: for example, the cyclist Lance Armstrong, the gold-medal runner Marion Jones, the tennis champion Maria Sharapova and the Ultimate Fighting Championship star Jon Jones. Together, the class can create a list of dos and don’ts for building an argument. Rules are essential for any game or sport, yet they change all the time.Here are some sports-related editorials from the New York Times Editorial Board that can serve as mentor texts (in addition to our winning editorials from past years): The Corruption at the Heart of March Madness Rein In Online Fantasy Sports Gambling What Time Is the A. Lesson Plan | Persuading an Audience Using Logos, Pathos and Ethos Lesson Plan | For the Sake of Argument: Writing Persuasively to Craft Short, Evidence-Based Editorials Lesson Plan | I Don’t Think So: Writing Effective Counterarguments B.Have a Debate There are many ways to hold formal and informal debates.Navratilova won 167 singles titles as well as 177 doubles titles in an era when doubles was much more prestigious than now. Graf, who did not play as long as Williams has played, won 107. Although media coverage of concussions has focused on tackle football, these health issues are evident in many other sports like hockey, soccer, basketball, Nascar, skiing, snowboarding and BMX freestyle, among others. Or they may instead decide to investigate the role equipment plays, look into possible reforms or consider ethical implications. Can equipment reduce concussions or does it give players a false sense of security, therefore making the problem worse? Júlio César Soares de Espíndola — to give him his full title — guessed correctly and dove the right way to save the first two penalty kicks against him. Finally, Júlio César just got plain lucky when Gonzalo Jara fired Chile’s fifth penalty beyond his reach, but against the post.Williams, for the moment, has 67, which puts her in a tie for sixth on the career list with Billie Jean King. The debate is not merely academic; it is causing significant changes to our understanding of athletes and athletics and is threatening the future viability of some of the world’s most popular sports. If they decide to go in any of these directions, they might come up with questions like: How do concussions affect athletes’ short- and long-term physical and mental health? From that twist of fate, that misplacement by inches, Brazil’s hope of winning the World Cup for the sixth time in its illustrious history remains on track. It required an outfield player to run with the ball from 35 yards out, giving him five seconds to score and allowing the goalkeeper to advance toward the player. Here are a few excerpts to highlight how authors both support claims with evidence and anticipate counterarguments: In “Is Russell Westbrook’s Season the Best Ever? Chamberlain averaged 50.4 points and 25.7 rebounds that season and (this may be the greatest stat in all of sports) 48.5 minutes played per game. And in the end, it’s about the power of the argument to persuade others — at least for that day — who is the Greatest of All Time. Should athletes who use steroids be barred from professional sports? National Anthem Protests Political activism and protests by athletes are nothing new. John Carlos and Tommie Smith raised fists during a medal ceremony at the 1968 Olympics. If students want to argue a position related to recent national anthem protests, they should start by asking a question. What else can they do before they start typing to get an edge? A Voice of Skepticism on the Impact of Steroids There Are No Sound Moral Arguments Against Performance-Enhancing Drugs Performance-enhancing drugs: Know the risks | Mayo Clinic Why Cheating in Sports Is Prevalent — and We Can’t Stop It | Forbes Magazine The Steroid Problem, and How to Fix It | Sports Illustrated Kids_________Other Current Debates in Sports We have provided three possible case studies above to explore, but there are innumerable questions to research, discuss and debate. And of course, students can suggest their own topics. For inspiration, students might read some of these proposed changes — big and small, practical as well as fantastical — from the pages of The Times before making a pitch for their own rule changes. In guiding their research for the development of their proposal, students should keep in mind the following questions:• What are some weaknesses of the current game? No, not those cute animals with the horns and the beard. No matter how seemingly impossible it is to determine the G. First, ask your students to decide which aspect of the G. Is it instead the number of an athlete’s victories? Use a model text or two to help students move from mere assertion or opinion to rigorous, evidence-based argument. That belongs to none other than Wilt Chamberlain in 1961-62 with the Philadelphia Warriors. The team is one of thousands of youth football teams that have adopted the Heads Up Football program, which has been sold as an effective means of reducing injuries. Let’s say students have already generated their research questions related to the topic of performance-enhancing drugs in sports, they have done initial research, and they have asserted a claim they plan to defend in writing. Testing Levels the Playing Field How to Fight Doping in Sports Would legal doping level playing field? Every few years, it seems, the National Football League changes what qualifies as a catch and a legal tackle, alternately confusing and infuriating players and fans alike. Penalty-Kick Shootouts Are a World Cup Abomination In a Hole, Golf Considers Digging a Wider One Still Questioning the Best-of-Five Format in Men’s Tennis Drivers, Start Your Calculators: Nascar Introduces New Scoring System Room for Debate: Raise the Rim Whether you want to raise the basketball rim by six inches or triple the size of a golf hole, you’ll need to consider how the change would affect the sport from all angles.They can practice all year, but save their best work to submit in our annual Student Editorial Contest. The Scars From ‘Bell-Ringing’ Football Tackles Who Gets to Race as a Woman?(See our contest calendar for more details.) Each year we select 10 winners along with dozens of runners-up and honorable mentions from thousands of submissions. Special Olympics Takes On the World Student Writing Models | Winning Student Editorials.


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