Thesis On Family Values

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I have many ideals about raising children, but the two that stand out the most include no corporal punishment and teaching by example.

I believe that the function of teaching by example is undeniable to every aspect of upbringing the child.

The assumptions herein are not universal since some parents, due to their heavy work schedules barely have enough time to talk to their children (Parent News, n.d.).

However, this does not put to considerations the many parents who barely have an understanding of what values are and lead lifestyles that children should not emulate. Review of Unhitched: Love, marriage and family values from West Holly wood to Western China written by Judith Stacey [Pick the [This document contains a brief review on the Judith Stacey’s famous book about unconventional marriages and sexual relations around the world] Judith Stacey is a famous author for writing on gender studies, sexual studies and family issues.

Family Values A candid examination of today’s youth today leaves one in no doubt of the fact that many of them do not learn, nor understand the concept of moral values.

Various actions and extremes they are wont to be involved in such as pre-marital sex, drug experimentation, and risky behavior such as over speeding and general lack of decorum and politeness towards their peers and even adults are evidence of this.

On the other hand, the school assumes the same about the parents, thus, children are left alone to do whatever they please as long as they are within the limits of the school rules.

This controversy begs the question “Must a set of values be prescribed by the state or federal government and taught in schools or must the teaching of values be the responsibility of the families?

Currently, the values taught often depend on the teachers personality with some who consider them beneficial focusing on them while a large number simply teach the curriculum and leave the learners to their own devices in other issues.

However, if the state or federal government was to mandate them, they would all be forced to teach these values which would result in learners having more exposure and getting a chance to tell apart right from wrong with guidance from professionals.


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