Thesis Projects Architecture Students

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Deepka Abbi - Supported Transitional Housing, Drogheda - Interior Views This project received an honourable mention in the European Architectural Medals awards for best diploma projects, 2018, and may be viewed in full here.

University: Academy of Art University, San Francisco Professor: Monica Tiulescu Semester: Fall / 2012 This thesis is utilizing the concept of fluidity as an architectural methodology.

The thesis is examined and tested in a variety of scales; from the scale of the proposal in the town to the scale of a bedroom window.

It considers closely the mind-set of the user groups within the scheme.

At the scale of the buildings, the infrastructure is one of the great examples of how to connect the people from one city to another.

At the scale of the body, the veins convey and exchange of blood for functions.According to the different programs, the variation will create the interaction between passengers and the local people.Security system within the travel terminal creates a rigid separation between travelers and the general public.The pleasure of traveling is the smoothness of traveling and there’s noboundary between the destination and the traveling route.“Functions are activity patterns, patterns of communicative interaction.” The parametric functions create the variable event scenarios.The landscape pattern will form the building and the building will wrap around the interpenetrated circulation.In between the interpenetration, the spaces create the interaction.The algorithmic mathematics refers to the predictably changes. The changing pattern illustrates and breaks down the solid structural system bonds between the urban territory and the city boundary. It’s the cultural transmission and a cultural exchange between people.This condition affects the cultural exchange at the urban level and creates integral knowledge.Choosing a simple unoriginal topic but executing it in a way that exhibits all the knowledge you’ve acquired in college will also do the trick.With your peers picking varied topics and schedules, this year will be lonesome; the most you will have for company on an average day is a drawing board, your laptop, some books, and coffee.


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