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Classroom management is crucial in classrooms because it supports the proper execution of curriculum development, developing best teaching practices, and putting them into action.

In the contract, students and teachers decide and agree on how to treat one another in the classroom.

The group also decides on and agrees to what the group will do if someone violates the contract.

Also, research from Berliner (1988) and Brophy & Good (1986) shows that the time a teacher must take to correct misbehavior caused by poor classroom management skills results in a lower rate of academic engagement in the classroom.

Until recently, corporal punishment was widely used as a means of controlling disruptive behavior but it is now illegal in most schools.

In 1981 the US National Educational Association reported that 36% of teachers said they would probably not go into teaching if they had to decide again.

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A major reason was negative student attitudes and discipline.

In a study conducted in 2006, 17.1 percent of students who experienced corporal punishment were African Americans, and 78.3 percent of total students were males.

Some characteristics of having good teacher-student relationships in the classroom involves the appropriate levels of dominance, cooperation, and awareness of high-needs students.

Teachers using the preventive approach offer warmth, acceptance, and support unconditionally – not based on a student's behavior.

Fair rules and consequences are established and students are given frequent and consistent feedback regarding their behavior.


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