Thesis Statement For Verbal Communication

Helping strangers meet and enabling initial communication between them—this is what social networks are definitely good for.

At the same time, numerous research studies prove that social media platforms negatively affect people’s social skills.

In particular, nonverbal communication is gradually becoming one of the dominant forms of interpersonal interaction, negatively affecting people’s ability to deal with personal contact and meet the reactions and emotions of other people in real life.

A significant percent of adults (up to 11 percent) prefer staying at home and communicating via their devices rather than going out and acquiring real-life experiences.

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Career Research Assignment - Thesis Statement For Verbal Communication

The non-verbal communication of clinicians has an impact on patients’ satisfaction and health outcomes.Substituting real life experiences and events with Facebook-format online updates is another problem.Studies show that about 11 percent of adults prefer to stay at home on weekends and make posts on Facebook about how much fun they are having, instead of going out and acquiring real-life experiences.We describe EQClinic, a system that combines a tele-health platform with automated non-verbal behavior recognition.The system aims to help medical students improve their communication skills through a combination of human and automatically generated feedback.According to Hussein Chahine, the founder of the service Yazino, “Communication is constantly evolving.Some people are as used to seeing their friends’ online avatar as they are their face […] People increasingly prefer quick and frequent engagement with instant updates on news than a prolonged chat and are also finding new ways to catch up with friends from the comfort of their sofa.” Mark Clennon, a graduate of the University of South Florida, says that “People tend to want to show others that they are having fun than actually having fun themselves […] There’s a greater desire to share with other people you barely know, than actually hanging out with friends and making memories” (USA Today College).Yet medical students are not receiving enough training on the appropriate non-verbal behaviors in clinical consultations.Computer vision techniques have been used for detecting different kinds of non-verbal behaviors, and they can be incorporated in educational systems that help medical students to develop communication skills.There were, of course, other social networks before Facebook, but none of them garnered such a significant user base, remained as persistent, and continued to act as an effective form of communication as much as Facebook did.Along with Facebook, currently there are many other social networks, each with their own features and purposes; what unites them all, though, is the idea of sharing.


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