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These three particular elements of the treaty crippled the economy causing the inflation to rise dramatically, collapsing the currency making keeping up with reparations repayments impossible, which led to French and Belgian forces occupying the Ruhr in 1923.

Thesis statement example: “An analysis of the Julius Caesar’s empowerment unveils one of the them most amazing issue; that is the power along with the conspiracies for good causes or waiting for the worst thing to happen” Expository thesis statement: Expository thesis statement will be about something about the life of the main character of the play or about the author of the play, Julius Ceaser.

Thesis statement example: Whole life of Julius Ceaser is about the bravery, courage and honesty he showed in his political achievements and military adventures.

From the very outset the Weimar Republic was unpopular as many of the German people blamed them for surrendering to the Allies in 1918 and were associated with defeat by many who believed that Germany should have continued to fight after November 1918.

Added to this, extremist politics such as communism and nationalism were extremely popular at the time due to the economic instability.

Marius was again a champion of the common people added to which the troops he commanded were loyal to him first and Rome second due to his reforms that made soldiering a means of making a livelihood, “"Contrary to law and custom he enrolled in his army poor men with no property qualifications" (Plutarch., 2012).

Over the course of his consulship he would develop a bitter rivalry with a young aristocrat one Cornelius Sulla which eventually would lead to Civil war ending with Sulla taking the city from Marius by force an act that undermined the very constitutional values Rome stood for, “Of all those who eclipsed him in popular esteem he was most vexed and annoyed by Sulla, whose rise to power was due to the jealousy which the nobles felt towards Marius” (Plutarch., 2012). Power swung between these two men until 86BC when Marius died.Germany lost 10% of its land, all its overseas colonies, 12.5% of its population, 16% of its coal and 48% of its iron industry.There were also the humiliating terms, which made Germany accept blame for the war, limit their armed forces and pay reparations” (uk, 2016).Thesis statement writing in unimpeachably an art and you cannot learn that art if you don’t have an idea how to write them effectively and for this you have to go through the above told thesis statement examples.Another word of advice here is that try to devise your own thesis statement for Julius Caesar essays so that you can come up with original and unique piece of thesis statement that is compelling and interesting as well.Both Sulla and Marius abused their power greatly using violence the cleanse Rome of their opposition but it was Sulla who showed that,“Although the Roman Republic technically still had some fifty years to go, Sulla pretty much represents its demise.He should stand as an example to others to come that is was possible to take Rome by force and rule it, if only one was strong and ruthlessness enough to do whatever deeds were required” (, 2016).However in 133BC having been betrayed by the senate Tiberius Gracchus a young aristocrat expected, in the future, to run for the position of consul the highest office in Roman politics, shook the republic to its core becoming tribune of the people bitterly opposing the ruling body in favour of common Romans, “Tiberius Gracchus was bending the rules to the utmost, in utter disregard of the senate and Roman tradition” (, 2016), much to the chagrin of the Senate.Despite his being beaten to death in Rome by a mob inspired by opposing senators, his brother meeting the same fate not long after, their use of the post of tribune set a dangerous precedent, “The Gracchi had shown that the sovereign power of the people could be used to break the Senate’s With the Gracchi brother’s fiasco behind them, Rome concentrated her efforts on shoring up its borders against a host of threats.Thesis statement will do wonders for your Julius Ceaser essay if it is written well; thesis statement is basically a small sentence that illustrates the whole idea of an essay in understandable, clear and concise way.Julius Ceaser essay thesis statement writing is not everyone’s cup of tea as it is the most controversial figure in the history of Rome and not much is known about him, his life was a struggle and was never so smooth that a student can understand in the contemporary environment.


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