Things Fall Apart Essay Questions And Answers

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Structure of an essay: an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

While is it certainly true that Okonkwo finds it difficult to adapt to changing circumstances, it is simplistic to think that this is the only cause of his tragic death.

When they return, they find that much has changed in their community because of white missionaries coming to town.

They've set up a prison, a European-style court of law, a church, school, and hospital.

In the final Grade 12 literature examination you will need to answer an essay question.

Good planning is the key to success in a literature essay but in an exam, you will seldom have the time to do this so you need to be well prepared.It is important that you have read the novel more than once and have thought about it deeply, so that you will have all the information you need to construct a sound, well-supported response.Using First, study the topic carefully and underline the most important aspects as shown.Is it destiny for the people to have been conquered, then?You can also examine how the community and people interact to find balance and function as a society.Readers can also examine how people's character leads to their outcomes, such as in the case of how adaptable they are to change or inflexible (character is destiny).An examination of the book can look at human emotions and find commonalities and universals (people are people).However, the cost of this is great, as he has broken an important taboo and will thus be denied the traditional rituals that he has fought so hard to preserve."Things Fall Apart" is a famous novel by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe.The destiny theme can also be examined on a societal level.Achebe illustrates the complexity of the Igbo society and how it functions—unlike the authoritarian encroachers—without a strong central government.


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