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History and Language: Continue reading » Tags: All Articles, Areas of Knowledge, bias, Emotion / Intuition, emotions, History, History, Language, Language, Linking Questions, Logics, Logics / Reason, reason, Sense Perception, sense perception, Ways of Knowing, Ways of Knowing in the eye of the beholder, and that beauty can indeed be quantified. Now, if it is possible to describe what beauty is using mathematical formulas, maybe it is also possible to look at the issue the other way around. I did find an answer to this question by the English mathematician G. Hardy (1877-1947): Continue reading » Tags: All Articles, beauty, Mathematics, Mathematics, Science, Science, Truth o, you are now sitting in front of your computer reading this very post about the Ways of Knowing. Let’s start with a little example: “I know that atoms exist”.

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Some of the questions may not even be relevant for your approach to the prescribed title!

If you already have an approach to your prescribed title, then do not let these questions distract you.

We people often do not want to act to improve our environment, for example, becasue the numbers and statistics that we have available are simply to abstract and too large. Continue reading » Tags: All Articles, Areas of Knowledge, Arts, Arts, Emotion / Intuition, emotions, graphs, linking, Linking Questions, math, Mathematics, Sense Perception, speeches, statistics, ted, Videos, Videos, Ways of Knowing found the following video, which I would like to recommend as an introduction into Ethics.

What does it mean, when we say that we use millions of paper cups every day? The lecture covers Utilitarianism and the Categorical Imperative and is very understandable.

For me, as a TOK teacher, both the presentation and the follow-up discussion were a great enjoyment: both reflected the “TOK spirit” of a balanced insightful exploration of the topic. And this presentation started a thoughtful discussion in the classroom.

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The presentation analyzed different ethical approaches relating to the controversial Body Worlds Exhibition.The time is running and your deadline is in hours, days or weeks and you did not even start your IB paper, so now you are typing "write my tok essay" and looking for the comapny who can write tok essay urgent for you?Or you just have a drafted To K and you don’t have time to complete it yourself?The exhibition shows preserved real human bodies, presented in an artistic way to the public. In this process the body liquids and fats are replaced by plastic.This is a way of preserving the body, and it is important to understand that they do not show plastic models.“Why can he not give us a clear, clean, yes/no answer to a simple question? Continue reading » Tags: All Articles, analytic, certainty, General TOK, Truth, Truth inking the different Areas of Knowledge (AOK) with different Ways of Knowing (WOK) can be quite challenging at times. Philosophers have identified these four ways of knowing: Sense Perception, Language, Emotion/intuition and Logics/Reason. The source of this knowledge is therefore language.Why does he always want to explore the ‘grey zone’? I now attempted to link History with Language, Logics, Emotion and Sense Perception. How do you know that you are reading this text right now? Pick one fact that you know and ask yourself what the sources of this piece of knowledge are. You will soon discover that it is possible to trace you knowledge back to one of these four Ways of Knowing. Would you steer the trolley to a side track on which there is only one person standing?The complete series contains 12 videos, each one about 1 hour long. Continue reading » Tags: All Articles, Areas of Knowledge, categorical imperative, consequentialism, Ethics, Ethics, utilitarianism, Videos, Videos would like to recommend the following videos for the TOK course. Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . Getting difficulties in writing your To K Essay and/or looking for someone who can finish and correct it for you?


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