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The online certificate in creative writing is a short-term program designed to pinpoint a subdiscipline within creative writing or provide students with foundational knowledge in the field of study.Certificate programs can last from a few weeks to a year and provide students with a platform to continue learning and honing their craft in the writing domain.

Creative writers can find themselves working for public institutions, government agencies, private companies, or non-profit organizations in any number of industries.

A list of top job titles you can earn with a creative writing degree include: Salary for writers will depend highly on one's position and can be incredibly low, or incredibly high based on the type of work one finds and pursues.

Bachelor’s degree programs are the most common degree option in creative writing with associate degrees and certificate programs gaining ground.

Accredited universities of all types have been rapidly adding distance learning degrees in creative writing.

A curriculum in creative writing may include a number of the following learning domains: Individuals with an education or interest in creative writing may pursue employment in a variety of fields.

This includes screen and television writing, short or long form fiction, poetry, and other such writing endeavors.Employment opportunities will vary based on the type of work pursued based on work experience, writing prowess, and exposure.Individuals interested in creative writing may also be interested in general writing, rhetoric & composition, playwriting & screenwriting, communications, or technical & business writing.The median annual income for a creative writer is ,240 with the top 10% averaging 8,640 a year and the bottom ten percent making ,380 a year.Job growth for creative writing is expected to remain steady over the coming decade.Trade associations in writing may be worth the investment of time and money for those serious about creative writing.Lancaster University’s rise up the Creative Writing table has culminated with a place at the very top.Success in writing may not be immediate as it is a field that requires experience and acknowledgement in order to be successful, and as such many individuals turn to related occupations that utilize the skills earned through creative writing, such as technical writing, advertising, and teaching positions.By earning a degree in creative writing, students can set themselves up to work in a number of capacities across various industries.Associate degrees in creative writing are 2-year programs that combine general education courses with writing curriculum.Degrees at this level are most frequently conferred as an Associate of Arts (AA) as the curriculum is infused with more liberal arts than science.


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