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Also, you should learn to be patient with yourself.

This is because the subject can be overwhelmingly difficult for some people so even checked assignments available online can be hard to understand.

However, we will give you some tips on where to look when it comes to your Topology assignment immediately.

This is a first year qualify course for the mathematic students in the department of mathematics of Texas A&M University and is the first one in the topology series. I may make the mistakes in the proof and please let me know if you find any mistake. For more exercises about point set topology, please see the qualify part below.

The book we use is Topology and Geometry by Glen E. I here provide the solutions to all homework problems.

We will study a variety of properties of topological and metric spaces, including compactness and connectedness.

We will also discuss general methods for constructing new topological spaces from existing ones, such as products, quotients, and subspaces.

We will cover chapters 2-4 in the textbook and selected topics from chapters 5-8.

* Section 29 has two lists of exercises: The regular exercises on page 186, and a collection of supplementary exercises about nets (a topic we are not covering) that starts on the next page. You should do the one on page 186, about the one-point compactification of the positive integers. If writing solutions by hand, please make sure they are legible. Many of the homework problems are assigned directly from the primary textbook (Munkres, 2ed).

Just work on it diligently and you will soon find the answers you are looking for.

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