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In the United States, all employment in computer and related services accounted for only 1 percent of total employment in 1998 (including the public sector), whereas the share of computer-related occupations in the economy was around 2 percent.

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This paper is an attempt to start a search for what is a good economic model for software.

This is an attempt to state the problem, in the belief that all good work begins with a correct problem statement.

The result is that investors are left in the dark about a company’s single most valuable asset.

I for one fail to understand how that is in the best interest of investors.

“The software sector is one of the most rapidly growing sectors in OECD countries, with a relatively strong performance across all economic variables. Over the next decade, eight of the ten fastest growing occupations will be computer related, with software engineers comprising the fastest growing group.

The sector contributes directly to economic performance because of its dynamism, and software applications help boost growth across the whole economy through their use in an ever-expanding array of applications. Oliner and Sichel showed that two-thirds of the increase in productivity between 1990-19-1999 is attributable to IT. This prediction may be at risk, as we see software emerging as a key way India and China are upgrading their economies by outsourcing these jobs from the United States, where computer science continues to decline in popularity as a field of study.

While software is becoming increasingly central to our productive lives, it is also becoming increasingly hard to create, increasingly hard to maintain, and increasingly hard to understand. military believes that the majority of cost in future weapons systems will be software.

Software represents the core of most modern organizations, most products and most services. Software embodies the knowledge and practice by which the organization performs it mission and consists of a design and an implementation.

Software defines the informa- In the United States alone, more than 1.2 million jobs were created in the software sector from 1990-2001.

Furthermore, “jobs in the software sector alone are only part of the contribution of software activities to total employment.


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