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Diagnosing the problem can be tricky."The most common way it manifests would be watching TV or movies. If your partner or your kid isn't able to track the characters in a show. It's forced me to interact with my fellow humans in an authentic way. Power Hour Seminars such as Know Your Path, Crafting the CV, Get a Job, Summer Retreats and Residencies and Relaxations, the Book Review, Submitting Day, and Finding an Agent help you prepare for life after the MFA.

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Students have 24-hour access to our safe and secure labs.

Features a three-camera television set-up with full switching, editing, video, graphics and audio production capabilities, and seven Adobe Premier editing stations.

Past themes have included Mirrors, Underwater, and Monsters.

Students are invited to submit original work of 1,000 words or fewer in poetry, fiction, or non-fiction.

I would go up to the wrong man at a grocery store".

Sellers couldn't pinpoint the issue until later in life."I knew something was wrong.Our two-and-a-half-year program offers workshops and literature seminars in the genres of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction.The distinctive design of the program emphasizes the connection between reading and the students’ own writing and fosters collegial relationships among faculty and students in small classes.Cop shows and hospital shows are the most difficult because everyone is in a uniform", said Dr. While face blindness may sound frustrating and difficult to deal with, Sellers sees the silver lining. If you’re a high school junior or senior or a college transfer student, you can have your work reviewed by professional SOCA faculty for a talent scholarship.The studio has digital and tape-based cameras for on-location shooting.Plus, Art Galleries for on-campus exhibitions: SOCA provides gallery exhibitions with regional, national and international artists in its multiple galleries on campus. With ensembles open to the entire campus community, SOCA believes music is for everyone.Heather Sellers challenges her students in creative writing.The students are also helping Sellers, who is dealing with her own challenge.She has a rare neurological condition known as face blindness."Face blindness is a condition that affects probably 5 % of the population some people much more severely than others I have a very severe case. A problem she's had since childhood."I always knew something was wrong when I was a kid I couldn't recognize my classmates.I'm not able to recognize my fellow humans by face", explained Dr. Her students wear name tags to class so their professor can easily point them out. "They tell me who they are when they come by my office". I had trouble recognizing my mother in the pickup line.


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