Uva Application Essay Prompt

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Numbers are a big part of the college admission process: grade-point averages, class percentiles and SAT, ACT and AP scores. The essay section gives prospective students the best chance to show their souls.

And for admission deans, the written word goes a long way.

I affectionately consider it like carrying a miniaturized professor everywhere I go, always ready to answer my arbitrary inquiry.

At the grocery store, it will tell me the difference between saturated and unsaturated fat.

My i Phone also keeps me aware of the world around me.

I suspect it is exceedingly difficult to be a successful student, an effective leader or a constructive citizen without knowing at least a little about the other 7 billion people with whom we cohabit the globe.

Memories of days with inflatable water wings and watermelon-seed-spitting contests live in the seascape of my home.

As I begin to venture away from my sandcastle called Virginia Beach, the lessons and memories will stick to me like sand to wet feet.

After convincing her stepfather for her hand in marriage, he finally got his wish.

Staring at my ring, I now think about my ancestors and all the struggles they faced.


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