Variety Is Spice Of Life Essay

Many oldies who have joined dance classes have found that they have brought back the missing zing in their lives.

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Variety does to our lives the same thing that spice does to food.

It makes it more fun, more interesting, more meaningful.

Journey of our civilization from caveman to modern day human became possible only because of variety.

For example, Thomous Edison invented electric bulb. One of the most essential component(s) of life is variety.(don't put the example just after the topic sentence.write some sentences so as to support your thesis sentence and then ur examples) The variety of opinions, variety of experiences and the variety of lifestyle(Sir, rewrite it as: the variety of opinions, experiences, and life style) made the development of our(it is suggested not to use ours here.write:islamic civilization.) civilization possible.

Growth and development of human culture and society would have been impossible. You should've explained it in somewhat greater detail because it ends too early. Consequently, they developed more sophisticated forms of electric bulbs today we(sir try to use third person as per rule.) have. I've never attended any grammar school, nor did anyone teach me.

There would have been no joy, no colour to life, had there been no variety in life. Further, it is because of variety that Will Durant,a passionate philosopher, preferred to be a philosopher, while John Keats loved composing poetry. I'm from a government school where teachers themselves hardly know what they are teaching.Aid sometimes just likes a preservative it can cure depression, and alleviate boredom. Variety is the spice of life means that life could be made more interesting my making some significant changes. Besides, it serves to break the monotony of our lives – one of the reasons for depression these days.The message conveyed by this phrase if taken seriously could change the course of our lives. If one is used to having lentil and rice everyday for lunch for a change a biryani is very welcome.Variety in our lives does not necessarily mean that we go about making drastic changes. When children study a particular subject over a period of time they get bored.A good way to keep the child’s interest up would be to introduce some variety. Going for a walk day after day could get really boring.A picture book or a game that teaches the child while he plays would be a good way to make him learn. That is in part because at this stage in ones development one is more open to change, more open to learn new things and more open to experiment. One might get old physically but if the heart is young then the body will follow and try to keep pace with it. One would see the same faces and the same surroundings.Instead one could go swimming, or join a yoga class, maybe.This clearly illustrates the importance of variety in life. Though it was a marvellous invention, scientists however were not satisfied with it(is this contribution of our civilization.indeed, it is of westerners').As such, the world would have experienced a standstill in the absence of variety. Hence, they made amendments in its shape and functions.Diversity makes life interesting, as in Jim dates a different girl every week-variety is the spice of life, he claims.This phrase comes from William Cowper's poem, "The Task" (1785): "Variety is the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor." Diversity keeps life interesting.


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