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Ahoy is great and definitely try to check out Cool Ghosts Matt Lees is alright. His essay on Planescape Torment, as well as the Far Cry and Call of Juarez series are all excellent, as is his Travelogue going through the American Midwest in a VW van.It's not so much an essay as an exhaustive examination, and it goes a bit off the rails once it stops neatly following the progression of the game's story to explore the side content and DLC, but Aegon of Astoria's Let's Talk Lore series on Bloodborne is one of the few non-Giant Bomb, Youtuber type things I've ever watched a single episode of, let alone soaked up excitedly from start to finish. he has into that game's lore just based on item descriptions, environmental detail, level design and character garments/placement; I haven't even beat the game myself but I had to let him spoil the end of the game for me just to see how he'd wrap everything up.Secondly, getting a good education is that best thing that you can do for your future.

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However, you can’t beat face-to-face contact, and if you want to succeed in interviews and build good relationships in later life, you need to develop some proper communication skills.

This shouldn’t be a chore, or difficult, because hanging out with friends is far more fun than sitting indoors playing on games all day anyway!

Thirty-nine years later we have gone from Pong to elaborate Hollywood style games that are based around narrative like Call of Duty or Metal Gear Solid.

Video games have come from simply being games to becoming what some argue is a new medium for narrative that can tell a story uniquely and completely unlike film and literature....

Some people have argued that video games are linked to violence.

However, new research shows that video games can be used for therapeutic purposes, exercise, stress relievers, positive interactive learning, hand eye coordination, and different types of patient treatment for people all around the world.

If the series has any weaknesses that could immediately turn people off of the series, it's that he has a very dry (academic) presentation style and the series is - 28ish episodes that run anywhere from an hour and thirty minutes to three hours long - primarily because he narrates his gameplay with outlines rather than a script, so he'll sometimes take a minute to get around to a point or find himself suddenly cross examining himself.

I found all that endearing, though, and his involvement of reader questions and speculation at the end of each episode is a nice touch, especially again in the earlier episodes when the game was still fairly new and the DLC hadn't tied up several loose ends in the lore.

However, you shouldn’t spend too much time gaming and there are a number of reasons for this: it’s unhealthy, you should spend more time studying, and you need to socialize more.

The primary reason to cut down on gaming time has to be that youths that spend a long time on computers and games consoles are often not getting enough exercise.


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