Violent Cartoons Essay

He-Man and Masters of the Universe were another important part of my childhood.Not only did I watch cartoons, but I also passionately collected all He-Man action figures of heroes. Beside the positive aspects of cartoons that you had the opportunity to read about in our blog last Friday, there are also some negative effects of such shows on children that parents should be aware of before letting their children watch them.Cartoon Pokémon, created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995, belongs to anime, the Japanese name for animated film. Despite hard blows they receive all the time, Pokémon never die as they have the ability to recover energy.

Violent Cartoons Essay

The episode was never commercially released or re-broadcast anywhere in the world, as it was banned by the Japanese government. For example, it is obvious that there is nothing good in sitting all day in front of the TV, watching cartoons.

Children who have televisions in their own rooms are vulnerable to watch shows their parents may not approve of; it is unlikely the parent will be viewing with his or her child at all times in their bedroom.

Evidence from the Parents Television Council emphasized the fact that 44% of youth who were involved in a survey had results saying they watch something different when they are alone than with their parents (1).

Contrary to that, the creators are making money and are well off.

If Ellison does not want her own child watching certain cartoons, she should take the initiative to make it her own challenge to monitor what her child watches.


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