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El clima continuará soleado por un par de días más.El fin de semana comenzará a llover de nuevo debido a una tormenta tropical que se desplaza por el oceano Atlántico y llegará al país el viernes por la noche. On weekend, it will begin raining again due to a tropical storm that is moving across the Atlantic Ocean and will arrive to the country on Friday night.

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“Eléctrica” just by itself doesn't mean anything and “eléctrica tormenta” doesn't make sense because the adjective must be placed after the noun.

Now you can see the entire weather forecast in Spanish and how it all makes sense.

In the conversation she says “la verdad es que yo prefiero la lluvia y la nieve” so the second choice is the right answer.

Notice that we say “la lluvia” and “la nieve” using the Spanish definite article “la”. Mercedes: Este verano voy a visitar a mis abuelos con mi mamá… Mercedes: Como es en el norte del país el clima es muy fresco normalmente, pero ahorita está un poco caliente por el verano. Yo escuché que aquí habrá poco viento y el clima estará caliente la próxima semana. Hoy está despejado y cálido, aunque la verdad es que yo prefiero la lluvia y la nieve.

how to use the verbs ESTAR, SER, HABER and others to talk about the weather.

We created a lot of sentences before, but we haven’t actually developed on describing the weather in Spanish at a specific time or place, so we will put all the pieces together in this lesson to make it more communicative and will also teach you the basics to write a Spanish weather forecast or report. Yesterday it rained in the morning, so I hope it will not rain today.Comencemos…As we mentioned in the previous lesson, you can use several types of verbs and expressions for describing the weather in Spanish at given moment, some of which will be reviewed so that the descriptions provided make sense to you. It is warm and sunny outside, so I can go out and buy some things and take a walk. I think last year it rained more than this year.given season or time of the year, e.g.First, we use both “El clima” and “El tiempo” to refer to the weather. Instead of “El clima” it is possible to use the expression “El día…” or even a season such as “El verano”. Ayer llovió en la mañana, así que espero que hoy no llueva. “El clima es agradable en esta ciudad” (the weather is nice in this city) or “El clima es muy helado en el invierno” (the weather is very cold in the winter).The first choice was the one mentioned in the conversation.Remember it is possible to use other verbs to talk about the weather in the future including “Llover” (to rain) in “Lloverá mañana en el sur” or “Nevar” in “Nevará en el norte” (It will snow in the north).Remember that we use “ser” (to be) to describe the regular weather in a place just like in “El clima es helado en invierno en Canadá”, whereas “estar” is used to talk about the weather in a specific time, for example “Hoy está haciendo calor” (It’s hot today) “¿Cuál es el pronóstico del tiempo para time/place?is the question we use to ask for weather forecasts in Spanish.Complete each sentence with the right form of the verb or exppression.You will need the simple past and the future in this quiz. The expressions “ayer, hace una semana” and others are only used in the simple past.Let’s see how both ESTAR and SER are used for describing the weather in Spanish. In the dry season the weather is quite hot in the months of April and May.El tiempo es bastante agradable en los países tropicales. En la estación seca el clima es bastante caliente en los meses de abril y mayo. When the rainy season begins, the temperatures go down a little. Sometimes it is cloudy and sometimes it’s raining a lot due to hurricanes and storms. In order to make a Spanish weather forecast we must use the future tense.


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