What To Write In A Essay About Yourself

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If you’re writing a book review for a course, assume that your audience has already read the book.

This means that you don’t need to write about every minor detail.

Makes you think about whether you’d actually want to spend your hard-earned money to see the movie, right?

A book review is the Rotten Tomatoes of the book world.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is an old saying that means you shouldn’t judge something (or someone) by appearances only.

If you literally shouldn’t judge a book’s merits by cover art alone, then what should you do to learn more about a book (aside from reading it, of course)? If you have to write a book review for a class, your prof is assigning you the task of writing a book review to help a general reader learn about a specific book. But chances are, right about now you’re asking, “So what exactly is a book review, and more importantly, can you help me write one?

If, by chance, you’re writing for another audience, like classmates who read the book, you likely don’t want to include spoilers.

No one wants to read a book already knowing the surprise twist at the end.

You might comment on whether such characters are appropriate and/or effective in the story.

The summary of the book should be pretty short (no more than a paragraph or so).


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