Why I Want To Be A Black Belt Essay

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Typically students work at about 85-95% (for all the exam) of their limit but higher is not uncommon.Exams occur every 6 months and at least 6mths have to go by since the last kyo was taken.

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Many people use the metaphor of a path to describe their experience with aikido, and it fits well.

Many things in life can be compared to a path—learning a new skill, building a close relationship with someone, and even life itself—since the In my relatively brief exposure to aikido over the last six years I too see it as a journey down a path.

Asking them questions regarding their character is not really appropriate.

They should have been training at a particular dojo for some time, and a lot should already be known about their character before they are invited to grade.

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Traditionally shodan gradings push the candidate to their physical limit, there is no reason why you shouldn't test their mental limits as well :) "What does a black belt mean to you?

" "What would it mean if you did not receive your black belt today? " "What is the difference between you wearing a white belt and you wearing a black belt?

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