Words Not To Use In An Essay

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In the age of social media where completely unrecognisable words and phrases appear online, it is tempting to carry this informality across to other aspects of your life.

However, there are some occasions when only formal communication will do. It’s imperative you employ a formal tone, and there are particular academic phrases you can employ to help you achieve this.

I have seen this written in so many essays and so have examiners.

It would be better to write about “learning more”, “opening their mind to something” or “developing deeper understanding of something”. This is another example of a learned phrase to avoid.

99% of all essay questions in IELTS will not be controversial so don’t use this phrase.

Also be careful writing “highly debatable” as this is also overused.5.It is only suitable to use if the essay is about science and technology.It is overused and confusing for the reader if the topic is not science or technology.Most essay questions in IELTS are not controversial.Controversial means that it is deeply debated and causes strong feeling, for example “the death penalty” which results in a person’s death is controversial but “watching sport on TV or playing it” is not controversial.“Since the dawn of time…” is not a relevant statement for most IELTS issues and should be avoided.Some students also use “Nowadays” to start their essay. Try to avoid these phrases and just paraphrase the information given by IELTS.4.You don’t need any expression to start your introduction, just paraphrase the essay question directly.Learn how to write an introduction for writing task 2.3. Most essay questions are about current issues so you don’t need to put in a time frame unless it is about an issue in the past compared to the present.On the other hand, ‘although’ can be used at the beginning or in the middle of a sentence, and it doesn't have a comma afterwards.So, to help you find the right level of formality in your essays, we have put together this list of 10 academic phrases you can use in your essay writing.


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