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In the first flush of youth, we may dream and dream, but soon we shall be rudely awakened to acknowledge with the poet: The stream of time flows on at unbroken pace, men are born and pass away, empires rise and crumble, human institutions, customs and manners grow and undergo constant modification.Work is necessary to move forward in life and no progress or development is possible without it.

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Without it, life will become meaningless, flat, a useless thing. Work is the prerogative of intelligence, the only means to manhood, and the measure of civilization. Men do not break down from over-work, but from worry and dissipation. A hard working man may till the ground, work at the mill, střike on the anvil, dig, drive, drag and do a lot of other works to keep his body and soul together.

Work, here, does not stand for every sort of activity. The sweeper’s work is as much sacred as that of either a lawyer or a shopkeeper. He may find manual labour hard and tedious, but there is no disrespect attached to it formally.

And there is more than sufficient reason for this recognition of the value and dignity of manual labour. If peasants refuse to grow corn and miners decline to dig, if drivers refuse to drive their engines and sailors to take their ship across the infinite seas, the world will topple down like a house of cards.

The higher intellectual life is possible only because it is broad-based on manual labour. Moreover, the distinction between one work and another is purely man-made one.

When the workers are fully convinced of it in their heart then shall true salvation come to them?

Then shall they learn that genuine work alone work done faithfully and joyously is their real saviour.

A golden example can be presented here regarding the importance of work:“A man came to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) begging for anything to live on.

The Prophet gave him an axe and a rope and advised him to collect some wood and sell it and live on its price.

In destruction, there may be joy, but that emerges from hate and is short-lived, and less satisfying though fierce.

Great artists and scientists do work which is in itself delightful.


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