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Get Custom-Made Essay An analysis paper must not manifest your personal feelings, attitudes, etc.

It does not deal with what is wrong and what is right, but rather with a process and its causes and/or results.

Your thesis formulation will probably be changed several times.

This is normal - the more information you gain, the more likely it is to influence your point of view expressed in the paper.

You should start from the premise that politics does not consist merely of human actions and interaction, but it also involves rational planning, motives, principles and beliefs.

Write Good Political Science Essay Characteristics Of A Well Written Thesis

This makes it a very special sphere for research; on one hand, it is not regulated by natural laws, but on the other hand, it is still subjected to some regularities - international treaties, for example.

Therefore, your paper could deal either with the internal politics of a given country (for example, party system or form of government), or with its foreign policy (relations with certain countries or with international institutions).

The method you need to employ is analysis, this is: to take the given process and to examine its different aspects.

Then read about the legal issues which the founders of the United States had to meet.

Then you can read about the fundamental principles of democracy and check if they are present in the American party system.


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