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How to Write a Historiographical Essay Historians do not always agree about how to interpret the events and people that they study; this leads to multiple explanations, which at times, are diametrically opposed to each other.As students progress into upper-level courses at Brunswick High School, they must move from the mastery of facts and analysis of primary sources encouraged by lower-level courses to a richer and deeper understanding of how history is written and the fact that events and ideas are open to interpretation.

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A historiographical paper has to present a detailed overview of the main works on a topic and summarize and evaluate the arguments of each of those works.

For the development of a clear and well-structured essay, you need to follow some crucial steps.

Once you decide upon the organization, proceed with writing.

You should begin your essay with a thesis that presents the issue and introduces your sources.

Take advantage of a mixture of various books, articles and publications.

Generally, books tend to be more influential and relevant, especially for older topics.Try to look for a topic that is really interesting for you – it will make the reading and the writing process much easier.Alternatively, you may brainstorm a topic from scratch.Process: uses footnotes to identify the sources of quotes, listed at the bottom of each page of a paper.Upon their first reference to a given source, footnotes list full bibliographical information and, in subsequent notes to the same source, a shortened version of the same information.Failure to provide such documentation constitutes plagiarism.Additionally, lifting another person’s constitutes plagiarism. Ideas originating outside of yourself, even when paraphrased or summarized in your own words, require explicit documentation.Within upper level courses, students then move into another level of explanation, where they read intensively on a topic and provide their Therefore, historiography can be described as “the history of history.” What this means in practice is an exploration of a specific topic, and how historians have explained events or people over time, how their explanations have changed due to their own worldview and/or ideological bent, due to re-interpretation of previously-viewed sources, due to the availability of new sources, previously unexplored, and/or due to the application of different questions and/or methodologies to sources.Revision of prior interpretations of the past is an implicit and important element of historiography.There are several useful strategies for coming up with a topic.The easiest way is to choose one of your assigned readings.


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