Writing A Hook For A Compare And Contrast Essay

Writing A Hook For A Compare And Contrast Essay-7
An appropriate definition of this kind of paper: Professors frequently ask students to compare both abstract notions (such theories, methods or historical periods) and specific things (book characters, personalities, countries, etc.).There are few guidelines to follow during crafting this type of articles.

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Outlines mean planning the structure, sketching the approximate variant of essay and organizing of main points in a particular order – the actions which make writing more simple.

If you are not sure whether your essay complies with general requirements, check the examples on the web or ask your professor to provide you with them.

The compare and contrast essay is the common kind of academic assignments with its unique peculiarities.

Even if you are great with the spot comparisons, learn more about essay’s structure and requirements before set to writing.

However, it looks more like a list of points than the comparison.

It is the most noticeable shortcoming of this setup.The title of your future essay may sound like “Apple vs.Microsoft” or “Differences and similarities in ancient Greek and ancient Egyptian myth”.Here you provide the arguments chosen before and complete a bulk of comparing job.At the end of the research, you conclude all the arguments and repeat your thesis.Dwelling upon each point, you are gradually revealing the features of both objects at the same time.Here you organize your essay in the format "start with the comparison, end with contrast." The order may be reversed if you want to emphasize the common features instead of differences. If a student does not find it important and disregards this process, he or she spends much more time on writing.We often draw an analogy of different subjects in our lives but very rarely do it in a written form.One might say, the university and college are the only places where you share such opinion on the paper.You should explain why it is interesting to reflect on these particular objects and pick strong arguments.In the essay, you may prove why Apple, in your opinion, is better than Microsoft.


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