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Analysis is not possible in the absence of conceptualization.Key is the transition from writing about what something looks like to writing about what something really is. Always strive to define the terms, the order, and the relations you observe. This is an advanced sort of skill that applies to logicians, I suppose, but it should be on our minds, in any case.

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However, this guide does represent many dominant views in the profession of English with respect to composition and can be taken as a useful approach to writing in a university context. Essentially this is the essence of what most composition books have to offer.

The purpose of an essay should be for you to articulate your thoughts in such a way that you learn something you otherwise couldn’t.

What "constants" can we derive from what we are analysing? In an argument the author has come to some analytical conclusion that he or she will argue or prove in the course of the essay.

For this conclusion to be valid, it has to be based on conceptual, analytical thinking, not rhetorical grand standing or opinion mongering.

Judging from the many papers I’ve seen students write, it’s clear that not a few students are under the impression that an essay is supposed to be either a response or a summary of something. This is a pity, because the response and summary approaches are the weakest options that one could select, given that they are pre-critical approaches.

is a matter of advancing opinions that are pre-analytical: not tied to a systematic argument or analysis.

The summary and the response are encouraged in the lower schools where matters of comprehension (can the student literally read the text?

) and opinion (can the student articulate his or her responses? But given that you’re in a university, realize that the criteria are now different, since what faculty at a university are looking for is the capacity for critical thinking, which is demonstrated in terms of using analytical skills. the text), as well as its reassembly in a form that exposes its meanings, relations, and processes. A summary simply repeats the original composition (form, sequence, manner of presentation, plot) in its original order.

By studying such a “how to” book, you shouldn’t have to invent the wheel every time an assignment is due.

This saves frustration, time, and will result in much better marks.


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