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Many people use an apostrophe to form the plural of a word, particularly if the word in question ends in a vowel, which might make the word look strange with an S added to make it plural.Apostrophes indicate possession – something belonging to something or someone else.“Number” refers to individual things that can be counted (for example birds).

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When referring to yourself and someone else, put their name first in the sentence. Only use “i.e.” and “e.g.” when writing informally.

Choose “me” or “I” by removing their name and seeing which sounds right. Another conundrum arising from confusion over how to refer to people. “Who” refers to the subject of a sentence; “whom” refers to the object. “That” is often used incorrectly in place of “who” or “whom”. He was the only person that wanted to come Whom shall I invite? He was the only person who wanted to come It’s an easy enough mistake to make given how similar these two words look and sound, but there’s a simple explanation to help you remember the difference. In formal documents, such as essays, it is better to write out the meanings (“for example” or “that is”).

You only use “myself” if you’ve already used “I”, making you the subject of the sentence. There is also a verb “to effect”, meaning to bring something about – “to effect a change”.

Me and John are off to the circus Myself and John are going into town Give it to John and I to look after John and I are off to the circus John and I are going into town Give it to John and me to look after I’ll deal with it myself I thought to myself This mistake is now so common that it’s almost accepted as an alternative, but if you really want to speak English properly, you should avoid it. It refers to asking someone if they’d like to do something or go somewhere. It refers to the actual message asking someone if they’d like to do something or go somewhere. However, this is not very commonly used, so we’ve left it out of the examples below to avoid confusion.

There are less cakes now Ten items or less There are fewer cakes now Ten items or fewer Less sand Fewer grains of sand These two work in the same way as “less” and “fewer”, referring respectively to commodities and individual items. We hope you’ve found this a useful reference guide as you continue your journey to become fluent in English.

“Amount” refers to a commodity, which can’t be counted (for instance water). If you’d like to learn even more about the ins and outs of English grammar, why not enrol on one of our English as a Foreign Language (EFL) courses this summer?

Written down, the shortened version of “should have” is “should’ve”.

“Should’ve” and “Should have” are both correct; the latter is more formal.

It’s easy to see why people get this one wrong, but there’s no reason why you should. She was better at it then him It was more then enough She was better at it than him It was more than enough We’ll go to the baker first, then the coffee shop The matter of how to refer to oneself causes all manner of conundrums, particularly when referring to another person in the same sentence.

“To” is used in the infinitive form of a verb – “to talk”. Here’s how to remember whether to use “me”, “myself” or “I”.


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